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After creating a free account with us, Instructors can create their own courses, schedule real-time webinars to teach students face-to-face. Automated grading eases the burden of assigning homework, while detailed reports and student analytics allow teachers to uncover which students need help and which courses need to be improved.
The digital classroom brings with it a range of unknown and unexplored territory, mostly in part to its relative newness when compared to traditional teaching methods. To be an effective online teacher, there are few simple but effective practices you can follow. 1. Be Present 2. Set The Expectations 3. Let The Students Do The Work 4. Nurture A Supportive Online Community 5. Think Before You Write 6. Ask For Feedback 7. Make Use Of Group And Individual Projects 8. Use Resources That Are Readily Available 9. Have A Closing Activity
Let's start building your awesome course with this step-by-step guide. 1. Choose Your Course Topic 2. Identify the Target Audience 3. Gather and Structure Your Knowledge 4. Create an Online Course Outline 5. Choose Your Online Course Software or Platform 6. Create the Course Content 7. Make Sure Your Content is Engaging 8. Create a Community for Your Online Course 9. Gather Feedback for Your Online Course 10. Adapt, Improve and Update