• VideoDonor posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    VideoDonor seeks to raise awareness of organ donation through real-life stories that focus on the importance of having ‘The Donation Conversation’.

    Would you share your organ donor stories or status by uploading a video clip on VideoDonor? People share what there making for dinner, where there going on vacation and every moment of it, there embarrassing Vegas photos, family connections, marital status and religion on social networks and when people say share a post to raise awareness about cancer, most people update your facebook status. But what about organ donation stories?

    On Tuesday, 23 July Dean Jones launched VideoDonor a site that lets users share stories behind their decision to become donors and stories of those who are living donors who have received a “gift of life”. There’s also a link to the official donor registry for those inspired to become a donor. Dean Jones the owner of the site believes that by people simply sharing organ donor stories VideoDonor can play an important role. https://hostrooster.com/r/videodonor/